iOS Online Training

iOS Online Training

Glim Technologies will provide the best iOS Online training with 100% placement support and affordable cost. We organize a systematic iOS course syllabus for the students in iOS online training. iOS course is available on both IOS weekdays classes and iOS weekend classes at Glim Technologies. Our iOS online training faculty has a lot of real-time experience and well qualified in training the professionals. We will provide the best iOS online training with expert trainers. Contact 09962 734 734 for more details and iOS free demo classes.

iOS Online Course

Learning iOS online course in Glim Technologies will bring you up in the career of booming technology. We are one of the best iOS online training institute in India Which provides iOS online courses and they can handle from basics to expert level of training. Our instructor guides you with a great example and ideas to explore knowledge. iOS online training will provide perfect Hands-on-training and directly connect with real-time environments. We will provide iOS basic to advance level of training to the students. In Glim Technologies, iOS online trainers have trained more than 100+ students so far with successful placements. We are the best choice for learning iOS course at an affordable cost.

One to One Training

Get 1-to-1 Live Instructor Led Online Training in flexible timings.

Program Fees:₹ 45,000
Discount Price:₹ 30,000

Online Classroom

Attend our Instructor Led Online Virtual Classroom.

Program Fees:₹ 40,000
Discount Price:₹ 25,000

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Enrol For The iOS Online Training At Glim Technologies?

You can contact at 09962 734 734 or email to or fill our form in website to join iOS online training at Glim Technologies

What to do if I miss one (or) more my iOS Online classes?

No worries. It might happen. We will reschedule your iOS online classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. And if you want you can get the pre recorded video of that iOS online class.

How Equipped Are The iOS online training Faculties At Glim Technologies?

Top-notch professional iOS Online trainer who understands how to convey things in technical as well as subject matter experts.

What are the modes of training offered for iOS Online Course?

We offer iOS course in “Live Instructor-Led Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule. You will be shared with live meeting access while your session starts.

Can I attend a demo iOS online course session?

You can get a sample iOS online class recording to ensure you are in right place. We ensure you will be getting complete worth of your money by assigning a best instructor in that technology.

What are the payment options?

Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt of the same will be issued to you automatically via email. Debit Card / Credit Card, American Express, Master Card, or PayPal.

I have more queries?

You can reach us through 09962 734 734. Or you can share your queries through Estimated turnaround time will be 24 hours for emails.

iOS Online Training

iOS is the mobile operating system developed by the software Pioneer Apple to build its devices. Apple products are based on iOS software including their iPhone, iPad, and iPod. There have been several versions and the recent one is the iOS 12. The operating system has a multi-touch interface with simple gestures to operate mobile devices. It is the best secured operating system because it has its own protective shell to protect itself against virus attacks and other malicious interferences. iOS has plenty of features such as multitasking, slide over, a split view files app, drag and drop, ARkit improved Siri and many more. It has a powerful user interface and it is not an open-source operating system which makes it one of the smarter and better-operating systems in the current world. Mastering iOS app development techniques is one of the prominent skills employers look for in IT professionals as Apple products have been the pioneer software products. iOS is the foundation of all Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and it’s applications. Many companies develop iOS applications and hire several iOS app developers for their company.

iOS Certification

Syllabus For iOS Online Training

Introduction to Development MAC OS, IDE – XCODE, Interface Builder
  • Mac versions –Features
  • iOS versions -Features
  • Introduction to Xcode tool and Compilers
Introduction to Objective-C
  • Creating Objective C classes and Methods
  • Creating Properties and methods
  • OOPS in Objective C
  • Inheritance , Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing, Dynamic Binding
  • Arrays,set,Dictionaries
  • Categories and protocols
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Xib, StoryBoard and Interface builder
  • Creating and building simple applications
  • UIState Preservation
  • View application sandbox and CrashLogs of Application
Cocoa Design patterns
  • What is MVC?
  • Model, View and Controller Classes
  • Delegate and Datasource
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Observer pattern
  • Target-Action
  • Cocoa coding standards
Memory Management
  • Introduction (alloc init, retain Release )
  • Auto release pool
Objective -C ARC
  • Migrating your application to ARC
  • Basic Interaction with UIControls
  • Button,label,Textfields
  • switch,slider,progress bar
  • Alerts ∧ Action sheet
  • Table views
  • Scrollview, Web view, maps
  • SearchBar, popovers
  • Picker, Date picker, Imageview, Image picker controller
  • Gestures, Mouse events
  • Mail, Message, Phone call
Orientation and iPhone sensors
  • The iPhone Accelerometer
  • Detecting shakes
  • Determining orientation
  • Responding to the accelerometer
Working With Table View
  • UITableViewController
  • Working with multiple TableViews
  • UITableViewCell
  • TableView practices
  • CustomCell creation
Multi-View Applications
  • view to view (Present model view controller )
  • Navigation controller
  • Tabbar controller
  • Pageview controller
  • Split view controller
CoreGraphics and QuartzCore
  • UIKit and view lifeCycle
  • Draw lines and transforms.
  • Alpha ,Opaque ,hidden
  • Create PDF files
  • Merge Images
  • SplashView and Basic animation
  • Adding Views with animation
Maps SDK
  • Introduction to MapKit Framework
  • Showing a simple Map
  • Update User Location
  • Background location updates of the user
REST and SOAP services, XML and JSON Parsing
  • Asynchronous and synchronous request
  • Soap service
  • Rest service
  • XML and JSON Parsing
  • KeyValue coding and Nested JSON objects
  • Error handling
  • Lazy loading
Multitasking in iOS
  • NSThread and management of multiple threads
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • Introduction to NSTimers
  • GCD in iOS
  • NSOperation and NSOperationQueue
Database Persistence
  • User Defaults
  • Plist
  • SQLite
  • Core Data
Media interaction
  • AV Audio player
  • MediaPlayer
  • MPMovie player
  • Local notifications
  • App-level Notifications
  • Push Notifications
Social Network Integration
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
Testing And Deployment
  • Debugging application in the device.
  • iOS5,iOS6,iOS7 features and differences
  • App Store Submission

iOS Online Training Testimonials

The faculty I came across is a real time iOS. I felt a very positive while taking the classes. The faculty shared his experience and real time scenarios and examples to explain a topic which were helpful to understand the subject thank you Glim Online Training.


Best institute for software Online training at Glim Technologies. Faculties are student friendly. They first understand the background of student, their past knowledge and skills then explain them accordingly. Over all you can learn a lot more then you pay. I am learning here from 3 months and i can see the change in my knowledge and thinking process.


Well pleased with their coaching.I have joined in this institute for iOS Online course. Their coaching was capable to understand. The course duration was one and a half months with weekly classes. Their way of instructing was nice. The atmosphere was good. I am glad to join Glim Online Training