DevOps Online Traning

DevOps Online Training

Glim Technologies will provide the best DevOps Online training with 100% placement support and affordable cost. We organize a systematic DevOps course syllabus for the students in DevOps online training. DevOps course is available on both DevOps weekdays classes and DevOps weekend classes at Glim Technologies. Our DevOps online training faculty has a lot of real-time experience and well qualified in training the professionals. We will provide the best DevOps online training with expert trainers. We are one of the best DevOps online training institute in India Which provides DevOps online courses and they can handle from basics to expert level of training

DevOps Online Course

We provide real-time work experience and projects to the students in the DevOps online training period. Glim Technologies is a prominent online training institute that offers the best DevOps online training. We are one-stop solution for people looking for top DevOps training in online. We offer best DevOps course training at India, USA and several countries with experienced trainers in DevOps industry. We provide 100% placement assistance and make you work on live projects. Glim Technologies is rated as one of the Best DevOps Online Training Institute based on Google and other third-party reviews. We have completed over 3000 DevOps Online Training classes in various countries all around the world. We are the best choice for learning DevOps courses at an affordable cost. DevOps online training will provide perfect Hands-on-training and directly connect with real-time environments. Contact 09962 734 734 for more details and DevOps free demo classes.

One to One Training

Get 1-to-1 Live Instructor Led Online Training in flexible timings.

Program Fees:₹ 45,000
Discount Price:₹ 30,000

Online Classroom

Attend our Instructor Led Online Virtual Classroom.

Program Fees:₹ 40,000
Discount Price:₹ 25,000

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Enrol For The DevOps Online Training At Glim Technologies?

You can contact at 09962 734 734 or email to or fill our form in website to join DevOps online training at Glim Technologies

What to do if I miss one (or) more my DevOps Online classes?

No worries. It might happen. We will reschedule your DevOps online classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. And if you want you can get the pre recorded video of that DevOps online class.

How Equipped Are The DevOps online training Faculties At Glim Technologies?

Top-notch professional DevOps Online trainer who understands how to convey things in technical as well as subject matter experts.

What are the modes of training offered for DevOps Online Course?

We offer DevOps course in “Live Instructor-Led Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule. You will be shared with live meeting access while your session starts.

Can I attend a demo DevOps online course session?

You can get a sample DevOps online class recording to ensure you are in right place. We ensure you will be getting complete worth of your money by assigning a best instructor in that technology.

What are the payment options?

Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt of the same will be issued to you automatically via email. Debit Card / Credit Card, American Express, Master Card, or PayPal.

I have more queries?

You can reach us through 09962 734 734. Or you can share your queries through Estimated turnaround time will be 24 hours for emails.

DevOps Online Training

DevOps (development and operations) is an enterprise software development phrase used to mean a type of agile relationship between development and IT operations. The goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship by advocating better communication and collaboration between these two business units. DevOps assimilates development and operations teams to improve the collaboration process. A DevOps Engineer will work with IT developers to facilitate better coordination among operations, development, and testing functions by automating and streamlining the integration and deployment processes. DevOps is Development and Operation’s Collaboration, It’s a Union of Process, People and Working Product that enable continuous integration and continuous delivery of value to our end users. DevOps accelerate the process to deliver applications and software services at high speed and high velocity. DevOps is a set of practices that works to automate and integrate the processes between software development and IT teams, so they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. In a DevOps model, scenarios are real. Environments are load tested, for example — before they’re put into production — to see if they work correctly. Another example is that test scripts are, themselves, tested for realism by being deployed in the production environment, not just test labs.

DevOps Certification

DevOps certification is a formalized testing program intended to ensure that applicants have achieved an appropriate level of skills and knowledge for working in the converged areas of software development and IT operations.

Let us now see the list of best DevOps certification that boosts the career for the candidate.

  • Docker Certified Associate.
  • Kubernetes Certification.
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam.
  • Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam.
  • Puppet Professional Certification.
  • Architecting With Google Cloud Platform.

We’ve got you covered with the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification Preparation guide.

  • Get Familiar with Exam Blueprint.
  • Obtain AWS Training Course.
  • Study AWS Whitepapers.
  • Check Documentation and Read the Recommended Books.
  • Check Sample Questions and Take Practice Exams.
  • Exam Registration to Get the Certification.

Syllabus For DevOps Online Training

DevOps Introduction
  • What is DevOps?
  • Why DevOps is needed?
  • DevOps Transition ?
  • Technical Challenges
  • DevOps Market Trends
  • Various DevOps Tools
  • DevOps pipelines
Basic Linux and Networking Concepts
  • Architecture and Filesystem of Linux
  • Linux Bash Commands
  • Managing Services on Linux
  • User and Group management
  • Filesystem usage.
  • IP assignment and Service Ports
  • Installing and Configuring Apache
Cloud Computing with AWS
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to AWS
  • AWS Cloud – EC2, Security Groups, Amazon Machine Images
  • Key Management, Elastic & Public IP
  • IAAS PAAS SAAS,S3,Roles,Policies etc.
  • VPC creation and understanding Networking in AWS
  • Hypervisor, Baremetals, KVM,XEN
  • Why Cloud is required for DevOps
  • AWS – Defining EC2 Instances
  • Introduction to ELB, CDN, Auto Scaling
Shell Scripting
  • Understanding fundamentals of Software Programming
  • Scripting Introduction
  • Shell Scripting – Learning to automate Operating System
Source Code Management and Version Control
  • Source Code Management using GitHub
  • History of version control systems
  • Centralized vs Distributed version control system
  • Source Code Management System using GitHub
  • Working on Git Command Line and GitHub GUI
  • Cloning and check-in and committing. Repository creation etc
  • Build Tools (Maven/Graddle)
  • Understanding Branching, Merging, Forking, pull etc
Continuous integration with Jenkins
  • Jenkins – Installation
  • Jenkins – Configuration
  • Jenkins – Management
  • Jenkins – Setup Build Jobs
  • Integration of JENKINS with GIT
  • Integration of Maven with Jenkins
  • Jenkins Dashboard
  • Remote Builds and user management in Jenkins
  • Understating Plug-ins and dependency
  • Pipeline Creation using Jenkins for CI
  • Jenkins – Testing
Chef and its Component
  • Chef: Introduction
  • Chef: knife
  • Chef: knife demo
  • Chef: knife with chef-server
  • Chef: Roles
Continuous Monitoring with Nagios
  • Host Monitoring using Nagios
  • Installation
  • Nagios Coding Language
  • Windows Monitoring
  • Linux Monitoring
  • Port Monitoring
Ansible, Infrastructure as a Code
  • Understanding Configuration Management
  • Understanding Configuration Automation
  • Understanding Desired State Configuration Management
  • Understanding Continuous Configuration Automation
  • Understanding Server Client based Configuration Automation
  • Understanding Remote Configuration Automation
Ansible Tool
  • Introduction of Ansible tool
  • Introduction to YAML Syntax
  • How to Install Ansible?
  • Ansible: Playbooks and Modules live examples on several industry scenarios
  • Basic: Running Commands
  • Ansible: Roles, Files,Templates,Handlers
  • Ansible: Best Practices
Docker Session & Orchestration Tools
  • Introduction to micro services
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Introduction to Docker commands practical
  • Working with containers
  • Introduction to docker HUB
  • Docker Demo
  • Docker Swarm
  • Docker Compose
  • What is Kubernetes
  • Technical Overview of POD, NODE, Containers
  • Kubernetes Cluster with multimode architecture
  • SCALE IN/SCALE OUT on demand
  • Services, Deployments Architecture
  • HELM Overview and Installation
  • Technical Overview of Kubernetes
  • What is Terraform
  • Build infrastructure using Terraform code
  • Change, destroy, manage infrastructure
  • Integrating Terraform on AWS
  • Updates to existing setup using Terraform

DevOps Online Training Testimonials

I have just completed the Devops Online training in Glim was a indeed great learning experience. I would like to mention about trainer Staffs the way he engages attendees it’s really interesting. Apart from course contents he has introduced us to latest technologies.


I would like to share my Devops Online training in Glim technologies. It was good experience learning with him. Not only theory but Practical scenario were thought in the class. He is best in Devops, much experienced and always ready to solve the Problems anytime, after the class too.


I have completed Devops Online training in Glim technologies. The overall experience with is very good. I would suggest to join Chennai Trainings. if you want to learn basics of Devops. Trainer has good knowledge and experience of working with the technology. The sessions are also very interactive and he gives his attention to every single candidate.